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November begins with a flurry of activity at Michael Evans Photography, as my new book, My Colombia: The First Seven Years, continues to attract attention. Earlier in the week, journalist and hotelier Richard McColl interviewed me for his Colombia Calling podcast. In the interview, I discuss my life in small town Colombia, my new book, and a host of future plans. Listen to Colombia Calling, episode #207, on: iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher.

Black and white photograph of tall wax palm trees in front of a mountain in Cocora Valley, Colombia, near Salento.

During the podcast, I announced my new photography tours, which begin in early 2018. I’m teaming up with Colombia Eco Travel to offer six- and seven-day photo tours to Colombia’s most spectacular places. To start, we’ll offer tours of colonial Colombia, including popular destinations such as Villa de Leyva and off-the-beaten-path locations such as San Juan de Girón. We’ll also begin tours in Colombia’s coffee regions, which will include visits to the famed Coffee Triangle, Cocora Valley, Los Nevados National Natural Park, and my neck of the woods, Líbano and Murillo, where I captured many of the photos in my book.

I’m finalizing the tour details with Daniel Buitrón Jaramillo, Colombia Eco Travel’s co-founder and general manager. Colombia Eco Travel is Colombia’s premier custom and luxury travel company, so you can look forward to a truly meaningful and memorable photography adventure.

For expats living in Colombia, and travelers exploring Colombia on their own, I’m also offering monthly weekend photography workshops in Líbano

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Meanwhile, here are some of the amazing places you can discover with me on our upcoming photo tours:

Black and white photo of clouds hovering over a large cobblestone plaza and a colonial-era church.
Villa de Leyva
Black and white photograph of four men playing guitars on a sidewalk in front of a traditional colonial house in Salento, Colombia.
Black and white photograph of four mule and two dogs waiting in front of a colonial-era house in Murillo, Colombia
Black and white photo looking up at a water tower next to a tall palm tree.
Black and white photograph of angry bird balloons in front of the Basilica Menor in Giron, Colombia.
San Juan de Girón
Black and white photo of teenagers dressed in costumes with angel wings, masks, and tall hats perform for a crowd in Libano, Colombia.
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