Courtney in the Garden, by Michael Evans
This holiday season, give your kids an empty box

When I was growing up, some parents threatened ill-mannered kids with a box of switches and ashes for Christmas. It sounded cruel to me and luckily I never received such a miserable gift. But this holiday season, I encourage parents … Read More

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C-Prints Kodak Endura Professional Lustre Paper. We make traditional c-prints for orders shipped to the United States and Canada. C-prints are made using precut photo paper and a chemical process. We print most of our c-prints on Kodak Endura Professional Lustre Paper, … Read More

LensWork Announces My New Book!

I want to thank LensWork Publishing for announcing my new book, My Colombia: The First Seven Years, in their alumni news. The book  contains a collection of photographs I have taken during my travels throughout Colombia. Preview and purchase My Colombia: … Read More

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Payment Your payment is processed securely by PayPal. Here are some of the ways that PayPal keeps your information secure: Print and Book Sales Notice All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. If your order arrives damaged, immediately contact Michael … Read More

Big Picture from Colombia: A meeting of mules in Tolima
The City Paper Bogotá – July 2017

Photographer Michael Evans has explored the mist-covered towns of Tolima for seven years since taking a bold decision to settle in this department nestled between the the Magdalena River and coffee growing region of the Central Cordillera. While on one of many trips to the most rugged regions of the altiplano Tolimense, Evans came across Murillo, a town founded in 1872 that preserves a rustic Republican heritage.… Read More