They call me Memphis Mike

A Memphis native’s life in Colombia

Photographs and text by Michael Evans

Colonial-era church in Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

The story of how a Memphis dreamer landed in rural Colombia is too long to tell in detail. After all, I wouldn’t want to bore you. I’ll give you an abstract sketch of what I’ve run into from there to here, but don’t expect it to make any sense.

I sometimes think of life’s chapters as a quilt of mismatched swatches never intended as companions. Over the years I’ve crossed paths with teachers and politicians, celebrities and grifters, leaders and terrorists…continue reading

The City Paper Bogotá

Living in a ‘green’ house

Photographs and text by Michael Evans

The couple own Cauca’s first fully off-grid home.

As we drive up to the entrance of Atardeceres de la Pradera, a gated community north of Popayán, a guard emerges, flashing a smile and waving us in. Tony Clark is behind the wheel and I’m riding shotgun. Kim Macphee, Tony’s girlfriend, occupies the backseat with Ally, the couple’s five-year-old pooch, who’s chewing on a rubber ball and taking up more than her fair share of the seat.

I check out the homes in the development—one- and two-story dwellings, with well-manicured lawns, some with visible swimming pools. Nice. As the pavement ends, a dirt road begins. Approaching what appears to be the end of the road, a white single-story house appears on the right. It looks like a normal home, as Tony and Kim had described it. But it’s actually not so normal, because this house operates completely off grid, the first of its kind in Cauca.

“We’re not hippies,” the young couple is quick to point out to anyone who wants to talk about their house…continue reading


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